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In 2012 I made my own colour LCD adapted MPGuino using the original MPGuino I purchased from Meelis a few months earlier.

I later decided to adapt the project to a touch version and distribute it amongst some friends.

5 years later the units are still working as they did when they were first installed and I figure the idea is worth sharing further.

- Video of an earlier version in action -

Always in development and looking for feedback, some fully functional units are available below. It features colour touch display with a

bluetooth module for use with the app also in development. The MPGuino fuel computer has a unique ability to measure fuel usage

with an accuracy unparalled by other fuel measuring devices. The waveform of the fuel injector is measured in microseconds to accurately

record fuel usage and produce useful information about fuel averages, distance to empty and instant economy. The MPGuino colour has also recently

been successfully installed onto a boat with fuel injected outboard motors for instant L/Hour readout for trimming cruise speeds and motor tilt.

If it's petrol and injected, it'll measure it.

More info about the MPGuino


The companion app for use with Bluetooth is available for Android.

- Download the app from Google Play -

- Purchase an MPGuino Colour Touch -


- Download the app from Google Play -

 - Purchase an MPGuino Colour Touch -


Features of the MPGuino Fuel Computer:

Accurate fuel usage measurement to under 0.5%

Digital speed readout adjustable by the user

Distance To Empty calculation user controlled by long average or short prediction

Instant fuel economy readout

Tank fuel economy readout

DTE calculation fuel economy

Voltage readout

RPM display

Partial or full tank refill options for accurate Distance to Empty calculations

Self calibration of Fuel usage

Only 4 wires to connect with ribbon cable connected slim screen for neat installation

Bluetooth connectivity

Contact glengineerservice@gmail.com for further info


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